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What's New

A quick look at new features in Eyeshot 10

Solid3D booleans

Solid3D booleans are one of the greatest achievements reached from our team so far. They allow building and exporting Manifold BRep solids with the same accuracy and topology of mainstream 3D CAD systems, something we were after from a long time.

Assembly environment

With CivilARCH you can set an assembly component current or isolate it, change assembly selection mode between branch and leaf and zoom fit a specific component in the assembly structure.

Mixed units

Eyeshot now supports mixed units, the ability to insert a block with units as millimeters in a drawing with units as inches with proper scaling. Translators are involved as well.


Support for AutoCAD® line types is now shipping with CivilARCH. We also added the ability to write Surface and Solid3D entities as surfaces.

WebGL export

This new feature gives you the ability to write your geometry in a ready to use HTML file.


We added a number of classes derived from CompositeCurve and Region to build shapes like rounded rectangle, hexagon, slot and circular slot on any 3D plane.

Of course, there are more features and improvements.

  • Multiple toolbars
  • ViewportLayout.CreateReferenceImage() and CompareWithReferenceImage() for 3D scene visual testing
  • Support for DWG files with circular references
  • ICurve.OffsetToRegion() to generate a Region entity from a planar curve and a distance
  • Improved support for WPF styles and templates
  • ViewportLayout.CopyTo(ViewportLayout) to simplify the creation of a new control with the same content of the original one
  • Support for Block/BlockReference in IGES write (Types 308, 408)
  • Support for Solid3D in IGES write (Type 186)
  • WriteXML class to export geometry in an easy to read XML file
  • Alpha map support for materials
  • Filled text in 2D vector layouts
  • SelectTriangles source code sample